We are all fascinated watching dancers, artists and athletes perform with elegance, litheness, strengths and precision. The grace of their movement is universally hypnotic. But why are we entranced by the way they move?

The answer lies in biomechanics. When the body moves in accordance with its intended function, it not only operates at the height of its efficiency, thereby promoting optimal structural health, but its form is aesthetically beautiful because of its natural harmony.

Biomechanics form the foundation for living a long and healthy life. We learn the basics of our movements – crawl, sit, stand, walk and run – as children through trial and error. However, we lose the efficiency of our movements due to our sedentary lifestyle or often by trying too hard.

Time to move! incorporates biomechanics into our life – during leisure times, at work or school.

The philosophy and techniques of Time to move! are readily available for all ages. Let us start now!